Bhoo Mithra Sena

Bhoo Mithra Sena

Bhoo Mithra Sena Club has been functioning in our college since 12/5/2015, with the financial support of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala with code no. 283/KNR/22I14.

Environmental education has become an inevitable tool in creating awareness on imperatives of environmental sustainability. Bhoomitra Sena Club an idea conceived by Directorate of Environment & Climate Change under Department of Environment and Climate Change serves this purpose. The club organizes Seminars, Debates, Lectures and talks on environmental issues. It also arranges visits to Wildlife Park, environmentally degrading areas etc. Other activities include cleaning and maintaining the polluted or environmentally degraded sites, planting and maintaining trees in the campus. The students also organize awareness camps to promote waste management, personal hygiene and a sustainable life style.


Photo exhibition-Topic –Birds in the campus

2 Nature camp at Madayippara 14/08/2015
3 Green Campus calendar for the year 2015 15/12/2015
4 wo day camp at college campus and Kottiyoor Wildlife sanctuary 30/01/2016 - 31/01/2016
5 Two day camp at college campus 23/01/2016 - 24/01/2016
6 Environment Day 5/6/2016
7 Tholpetti Nature Camp 30/09/2016 - 2/10/2016
8 International year of soil 19/11/2016
9 3 day Nature Camp at Aralam 23/12/2016 - 25/12/2016
10 Photo gallery : Plants in the campus Flowers in the campus, Birds in the campus
11 3day nature camp at silent valley national park with 45
students and 2 teachers. Camp organised by Wild Life Department, Govt. of Kerala.
01/11/2019 - 03/11/2019